As you can see in the photo above, after recently turning …

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You look at the photosAs you look at the photos, your eyes begin to burn. The photos are indeed fake, but not fake enough to be convincing. You see a woman in the background not wearing a bikini, a woman on the top steps in a restaurant wearing a top and a skirt, a woman in a dress, and many more. Its not just the photoshopped things that are ruining the world, the fake people making up fake identities is another thing, like the man in the video. He claims his name is Jason or a similar fake name. You delete all the photosYoure in the wrong if youre being fooled by fakes. You take a deep breath, as you delete the photos from your phone. As usual you put aside the photos, and continue to your room to find a book. You open the book, and are surprised to find nothing in the book but lies, with no references in the book to any sourcebooks or other fantasy works, except for the first three books of the Game of Thrones series. You cant imagine who would ever want to read such things. Nothing is out of place, and everything looks pretty much like it does when you closed the book. So, you wonder whats your next move. The first book is about a man trapped in a tower, reading a tome. Hes obviously not getting out, and even if he could, it doesnt really help. The title of the book seems to be: You Can Make the Future Better than the Present. You open the first bookSo, you open the first book. You read more about the man trapped in the towerThe man trapped in the tower looks very old, and very tired. Hes reading, and then he stops, and looks up. His face looks tired, his eyes tired, his voice tired. As the man reads, he keeps shaking his head, and then closes his eyes. He stops reading, then resumes reading. His gaze wanders from page to page, and then he stops. He looks at you, and speaks with a sleepy voice. You say Hello, Im trapped in this tower. The mans eyes open, and then snap open, as he jumps up. He points to you, and then points to the sky. His eyes snap open, and he stares at you.

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