As the title suggests, the music plays over the introduction to the Beasts backstory…

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The CD features the same type of music used in the film. The CD is a bit pricey, and not a lot of people have them, but if you can find one, it will be worth it. It would appear that there are only a few copies. So youll have to either:1, Save up for one. Or2, Try and find someone in your city that might have something and are willing to buy. You try and find someone who might have a copyThere are a lot of record shops with record shops, but nobody seems to have one. You go through your libraryOh dear, I thought I might have found what youre looking for, but according to your search, there are several copies in my local library. You head to my libraryIm afraid I dont have any copies of this, but I might be able to find something. Can you let me know if you find something. You return with a copyWell, Im glad youre interested. I dont have any but theres always a small inventory on a few of these items. I just might be able to put one in your hands. When I go in the library in the morning I will take a look in my bookshelf and see if I can find anything, I might be able to have a copy made though, its not much, so if you have anything to spare, please let me know. Oh and one more note, Im really sorry about your house, that was my own fault not yours. However I am very happy that you moved out and that the new place is better. Yours very truly,LucyYou find a random book in your library, Lucy takes the book and says What was that. She doesnt seem to recognize much of what you read. You think you must have confused her with another person. The next day when Lucy is looking for a book or something to read in the library shes not looking for you. You wonder if Lucy has a crush on one of the librarians, but youre more interested in Lucy herself. You wait to see what shes doing with one of the librariansYou think Lucy is being a bit of a tease, but you really dont feel like having to sit around waiting so that Lucy can find you. Plus you dont feel like talking to her anyway. Maybe you could find something else to talk about. You decide to look for someone else to talk to, and you head through the crowds and try to find someone else, you find nobody, but then again maybe they did find something.

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