As the campaign has gained traction, its garnered plenty of celeb support…

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Youve only got one option left. If you can get your friends to join you in this important effort you can do a lot of good. You grab your friends and say what youve been thinking. Many of your friends say theyll join you, a few even pledge money. Most of your friends agree to join with you, though some are a little hesitant and ask you to change your mind. I dunno, I dont really feel like doing this, I was just talking about it. You cant just do this, the government could be watching, its illegal, its against the law, its against our religion. Well get in trouble for saying weve done it, but we will, we really will. We cant stop, what if we get caught. We wont get caught, dont you worry about that. Whats to stop us from just saying we dont like it when you do it or something. Well be fine, well get around this by just doing it on our own time and private time. Well just do it whenever we want, well just do it for fun, like weve been doing, okay. That works for the most part, but then it all starts to change. You start to wonder what you really want from life. I mean if I want sex, Ill go have it, not stand around talking with a bunch of strangers. You dont need to do anything you dont want to. Go out, do what you want,I dont want to go out. I dont want to talk to anyone, theyre all the same. Were not in a good place right now, so you might as well go out and make friends. Well bring you back, well get you out of here, well make a new future for you, okay. I dont want to leave, I miss home, but I dont want to spend this rest of my life doing this. Thats all it takes, they convince you to go out and do something, anything, for fun.

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