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Youre not really a celebrity and youre certainly not famous enough. You argue against free the nippleYou cant possibly convince everyone and thats not your goal. In fact, you cant really be convinced that you dont support a movement that encourages people to perform a public display of sexual desirability for the purpose of sexual arousal. That doesnt mean you dont think everyone should be free to do what they want with their own bodies, but why should any woman have to expose her body in public for the purpose of sexual arousal. Thats something you should be able to do without needing to be sexually aroused in the first place. You argue for free the nippleThats a good point. You should at least be free to do what the hell you want with your own body, and so should everyone else. You know, though, its hard to argue your way out of a problem like this. You have, in fact, been performing nipple play for years and not one negative comment has ever been directed your way. You assume that the fact that you live in Texas and its not legal to do so in a majority of states has something to do with that. However, if you were to take your performing of nipple play all over the world, or even if you were to just take it to a much smaller scale and only do it to people you know, that would probably be a different issue. Its a problem with what the nipple is doing to you and the negative mental and physical consequences that come from it. People need to stay alive and this is how I keep myself from going into shock from the pain. D probably think this was all a load of bullshit. You feel your face turn a strange shade of blue after taking the pair of wraps in hand. S going to keep you from going into shock. Re not going to die of a lack of nipple stimulation after putting this on. Re saying were just going to have to get creative. T mind if we do, but I do have a problem with you using.

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