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Irina looks at me and then back at the screen, a dark cloud above her head. Irina, I swear to god, if you dont get back to work on time tomorrow, youre fired, I say. And you cant say it was my idea, because I got it from my wife. Im not going to fire you, but Im going to put you on performance enhancing drugs until you get the job done on time tomorrow, and then Im firing you, I say. I hang up and let out an exclamation of joy. Of course, Im not going to get to spend time with my wife as much. But she was the one that encouraged me to even apply for the job in the first place. I wonder if they will hire me, or if I will just have to try again later. A few weeks pass and things are looking up for me. I liked the idea of being in charge of the desk, but that was the easy part. T have to worry about anything because my office was the only one in the building. M cleaning up when I notice something on the ground. It looks like someone had thrown something out the window. Not a brick, not a bottle, not even a plastic bag. The thing that looks like a bug comes out of nowhere into my mouth, and stings me in the lips. I cough up some blood, and fall backwards onto my desk.

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