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You continue browsing until you eventually arrive at an area devoid of other shoppers. The scent of jasmine fills your nose as you step inside, a bright green carpet wrapping the room. Youre greeted by a middle-aged man dressed elegantly in a black, high-necked evening gown accompanied by several attendants. Ah, youre the one, he says to you. I hope youre not the new sales representative. You smile and nod, then ask a few questions. My name is Vanessa and Im a new sales representative. Hmm, well youre the first student Ive had in over eight years, Simon responds, but I trust this is a good thing. Its about time someone was here to encourage and encourage my students in the success of our department. I know youre in the process of revamping the Beauty Insiders program, which has resulted in layoffs and reductions in services, you say. So to those who lost their jobs, thank you for your years of service. As you can see, Ill take my leave now, Simon says. You smile, as one can only do at such interaction with a human. Ill talk to you soon, you say as he leaves. You look around as the sun shines through the window, allowing the white curtains in front to drape over the two of you to create an intimate scene. You talk moreI have some questions for you, if thats alright. I had worked with Simon for close to eight years and we had become friends. I was going to be transferred to a different department, but a few days ago I was told there were budget cuts to my department in the reorganization. I guess Ill look for others, you say. We have so many people that are looking for jobs. Ill be looking for a job, but I wont be looking for anything, really, you say.

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