As our favourite season approaches, can we put the tree up yet…

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There will certainly be another advent calendar in the future, so if you want to receive an extra surprise like a tree or something, you can always buy it. You know that youll be at your best when youre spending time with your little sisters. You dont know what theyll surprise you with this time, but it must be worth it. You spend your time with them as much as you can while the time theyre in the nursery. You get to know all of their names and favorite songs. Your sisters do more than just play around in the nursery, though. Theyve found a few things of their own and made a few more discoveries. Not many, but they are enjoying the time. You tell your sisters to come down to the forest themselvesYou are really not in the mood to play anymore, because thats exactly what youre not doing in the present. Youre not going to let yourself be distracted by the idea of your sisters. You have nothing more to say to your little sisters and they need to take care of this themselves. They should stay out there in the forest, exploring. You look at the sky, looking at anything with the hopes that it might give them something to worry about. You look at the trees, taking the biggest piece of your mind off of them. You try to focus on everything else youre doing, so that you can think of something else to worry about. You dont notice as you start to feel sleepy. Its as if you just ran yourself ragged at the last two jobs you took. You feel tireder than you have in years, and you cant think of anything else to do. You lie in your bed, wishing you could just fall asleep somewhere else in the forest. You let yourself fall asleep in the middle of the woodsYou have nothing else to do but sleep in the middle of the woods. You drift off to sleep, trying to find peace in the infinite of green. Youre too tired to even enjoy the fact that youve had your hands in two different jobs in the same year, let alone worry about it. You drift off to sleep, thinking about how youll probably find a job that you can enjoy. You arent sure about this, but you decide to see what the tree looks like outside. You look at it through the windows, which only have one small opening. When youre sure that youre not being watched, you start looking through the.

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