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The last sentence is an accusation, but the title is enough to stop you in your tracks. You stop this danceUh, well that certainly is a bit on the dramatic side there, you say. I know, it isnt a happy ending, but I couldnt help but say it as a compliment. You sit down, but you cant help but look at the floor. I dont think I can do this, you say. You can do whatever you want, she says. What if I dont even feel like this right now. This isnt going to make me happy, and this is going to be painful, but I just feel like I cant do this, not even for my own happiness. Citrine looks at you, and then begins to smile. Well I think the most important part is that you arent giving up yet. If it makes you feel any better, it does make me happy to see you thinking about it, so that makes it all the better. And if anything, Im glad that youre going through it together. Now, I think you should take a break because your body has likely had quite the workout. Yeah, Im all right, you say, nodding. Citrine steps back and motions you to go next to her. The next time you turn around, your hands are behind your head, and your eyes are looking straight ahead. Relax, Citrine says, you have no reason to be afraid. I wont do anything to you if you just relax. She starts to turn around and lower herself on to the drapes, but she takes a step backward. Citrine takes a step forward, and you feel a hand grab your shoulder. Now, I think its pretty obvious that you like being with me, and Im pretty sure you like me too, but do you really know why.

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