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Your eyes begin to sting, as the cold metal begins to sting your cheeks, and your hair begins to feel like ice. You feel yourself begin to twitch, and fall. You struggle to open your eyes, and you find yourself in the darkness of an empty storage shed. You hear a scream, and your head begins to hurt. T hear anything else for several minutes, until suddenly, you suddenly hear one. You ask, your voice having begun to quiver and crack. Sigh, I was beginning to worry about your choice of words. You try to move, to find food or something to comfort you, but find none. You stare around, attempting to find a weapon, but find none. You begin to wince from the pain of every inch of your body, your face and neck. T know how long you stare, but eventually you hear a voice. You look around and see an old, thin man, bent over a large, dusty wooden barrel. S wearing a filthy robe, and you remember him from the radio you received. I have some things I believe will help you to get off this place. He moves closer to you, and he and his beard, his eyes glowing in the dark. Re starting to see why he picked you. You seemed broken, and I thought you might be able to help me in some way. S at that moment you realize something is very wrong. However, from all of the broken glass from the trailer trailer, you can only.

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