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These weight-losing celebs say that Katy Perry is theThis website uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Read moreA recent article by the Associated Press, AP, in their news section highlights the fact that over the past five years there has been a sharp increase in the number of U. States that have banned abortions with the blessing of abortion-rights supporters. While this information may be accurate, there are only two states that are actually mentioned by name in the AP article. One is North Dakota, which is the only state that currently has an abortion ban on the books. The other is South Dakota, which does not have an abortion ban on the books but has enacted restrictions on clinics that provide abortions. Although the AP article does not say so, the two states mentioned in the article are the only states where it is now a felony to perform an abortion:The restrictions come at a time of fierce national debate over access to abortion, which is becoming increasingly scarce as more women struggle to find health providers willing to perform the procedures, especially in states that have enacted restrictions. The article does make clear however that there is no national constitutional right to an abortion. If the legislation actually passed in California, the two states mentioned in the AP story would be the only two in that state that would be violating the law as a matter of state law. The truth is probably more nuanced than the AP article makes it seem. Here is the full quote:States with the strictest laws banning abortions, by state. AP, Last year, North Dakota and South Dakota passed laws that make performing one a felony, the most extensive bans on abortion in the country. More restrictive laws are being considered in other Southern states with Republican governors. In South Dakota, the law is now on trial before a state court, where an attorney for Planned Parenthood says it will be held unconstitutional. Supreme Court struck down a similar law in Texas, but lower courts havent ruled on those. So far, abortion-rights advocates are pushing new bans in several states. However, the AP article does make it clear that these measures are strictest and some of these laws might even be unconstitutional. In some states, such as Ohio the restrictions are not even that extensive. However, as the AP article makes clear there have been some changes in the past two years making it harder for some women to get abortions. As Ive written about previously, some of the restrictions in Texas, and the way they were implemented, are illegal.

Information about How much celebrities weight