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You keep readingThe people below are celebrities, and their stories may be more interesting than your own. Everything old is new again He is a well known actor and singer, but he didnt live in Argentina for very long. Has become a very popular Argentinean song, and is now sung at soccer matches, weddings, and concerts. I would take you there, if I were you Ernesto Valenzuela died March 19 2003 in his home in Argentina. Enrique Kiki CamarenaEddie Valenzuelas brother was born in Argentina. He is famous for his singing of the song Kikis Groove by the same name. He is famous for being in the rock band El Gran Combo, and was a successful singer and song writer. He died April 8 2001 in Mexico in a car accident. Domingo El Chino LandaThis is a famous singersong writer and musician from Argentina. He is famous for his songs El Nino, The New Year El Chingo, The Little Bird and El Malo, The Monkey He is famous for being very handsome and has a long career lasting over fifty years. He was born in Argentina and died sometime in the mid-1950s. Carlos SantanaThis singer is famous for his music in the U. Carlos is a successful Spanish-speaking American singer and was the youngest of four children. Carlos Santana was born in Argentina, lived in the U. For a few years, and died sometime in the year 2000. Raimund Friedrich BachThis famous French violinist is also famous for his music. However, Bach was born in Argentina, and lived in France for a few years. Carlos Carlos is a famous Argentinean singer and songwriter and he is one of the most popular singer in the world. Carlos is a Spanish singer and songwriter, and was the younger brother of Enrique Valenz.

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