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No porn, gore, nudity, illegal content or hate speech. The moderators of rCollegeCoononon are here to provide entertainment for you and keep you in line. If you have any questions, please feel free to message the mods. -The Mods of CollegeCoonononI think this is the best gift I have ever received. My secret Santa didnt just give me some candy or something, they also put me in a Star Wars scavenger hunt. So I am already excited to go on this game. 3This years Super Bowl was full of surprises. We saw the first game of the season being played on Sunday, the first presidential debate being held at the same time that our favorite sport was being televised to the entire country, and most significantly, we saw a controversial call in the biggest game of the year. The call that came to our attention was on third down from the New England 39 yard line. It was the second quarter of the Patriots winning the coin toss and going with the offense. Julian Edelman caught a short pass to the New England 15-yard line, and as he began to turn upfield, it appeared Brady was going to throw the ball to him in the flat with a tight end on the right side as a screen. Then, the camera cut to the right side of the end zone and as the ball was still in the air, it appeared that if the defensive end hadnt jumped on it first, and had it come off his hands as it was flying to the end zone it would have been a touchback. AdvertisementIf that had happened, the Patriots would have gone for it and would have been going for the tying and winning touchdowns on fourth down with just a short kick. Of course, if the goal line stand goes ahead this week against the Cowboys, the Patriots will go for it on fourth down with 10 seconds remaining, as was previously the case Sunday, and if the officials call it, then Brady will throw the winning touchdown pass.

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