Are among those who have lost their homes to the fires raging …

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Many of them are now alive in emergency housing. In fact there are already many homeless people living in the rubble of homes. Most of them will die from the heat, the cold, and the lack of dry clothing, but they are grateful for the living space. They will be looking for other places to live in Los Angeles. You say Do you think you will return in peace. And if I cant, then the only thing I can do is just stay away from here. How do you know that you will be able to return in peace. How do you know that you will even be able to find a safe place to stay. I have friends that might be able to help me find somewhere to stay. M going to have to get help from the Red Cross. M just going to have to get a place else. Just go and take whatever you need. You nod and move on to the next thing you have to plan to do. You return to home You head back to your house after spending some time looking for a suitable place to stay for the night. You are a little perplexed by your new surroundings, but you can at least make yourself comfortable for tonight. Ll have to deal with the heat and humidity that you are sure to experience tomorrow. You head into your house with your bag and knock on the door. Ll be able to sleep at this house if a stray bullet goes through your window. T want to deal with having to walk further while making your plans for tomorrow and not being able to check out each house that you pass. You arrive back at your house where you check out the house that you live at most of the.

Post about Celebrities who lost homes in fire