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But youre a young woman with a young girl who you cant help but think about. Youre not going out like this, you dont think about it much anymore. Though you cant help thinking about this one more. Theres another girl at the table who looks at you, and she smiles before putting down her glass and smiling back. You made it, she says, and she looks up at the clock on the wall. You look up to see her grinning, and the way her bright blue eyes gleam through her hair. Her hair that feels so soft and warm as it waves in the wind. You can feel the warmth of it through your fingertips. You smile as you leave the restaurant and head back home to your little apartment. Your alarm rings the next morning, and you hurry to hit it. You groggily grab the remote, and the television on in your room begins flashing, and then a commercial for the Beauty Experience. A man of medium height, with sandy hair styled into a ponytail and wearing a light-colored t-shirt, cargo shorts, sandals and a bandana covering his face. He grabs the remote to the television and turns it off, grinning at you. Hey, he says in a friendly, yet bored tone that makes you flinch. He checks his watch for you, before grunting, Its five in the morning. You should have slept a few hours ago. So I guess where I am is the Beauty Experiences location in downtown New York City. Its a show in which you watch a short movie. He looks at you confused, and his eyes flick up to the ceiling before returning to your face. You say, Its like a reality show, except its a movie. Its like a TV show, but instead of watching TV, youre watching a movie. Its not like a show like a game or something, where it has a different ending.

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