Aphrodite is an ancient Greek goddess associated with love, …

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You say and then nod at the two girls and head to the back of the store. S made of thick wooden slats with a worn look to it and has a few bullet holes in it. In large letters and a pair of 3 finger painted figures standing in front of a doorway at the bottom of the door with a small flag behind them. You make your way over to the left door and then head through it. You can hear several loud noises going on just outside. After opening the door, a sudden scream is heard followed by a bang followed by a yelp followed by the sound of breaking glass. You see and hear everyone rushing out of the back of the store in all different directions. In front of you is a counter with a half broken sink and sink faucets scattered about the floor. On the floor is a man dressed in a green jumpsuit with black pants and no shirt. S breathing heavily and clutching at his side as he wobbles slightly against the counter. A bloody nose and several gashes can be seen near his eye. He looks like a butcher or food cart operator. The second you step into the back room, the butcher grabs you from behind and nearly knocks your head into the sink when you slam into him. He slams into you even harder and you begin to feel dizzy. Time passes and time seems to have slowed down. T hear anything but your own breathing and your occasional heart beating. You are slowly dragged through a maze of corridors. Eventually, you reach an open room with a floor made of plywood and a window above a door. A figure emerges from the open door and walks over to you. S a young woman with red hair that reaches her mid-back. She wears a white buttoned down shirt with her hair in pigtails. S probably in her late teens or early twenties. T make out any of her features, but this woman has never looked like this before. S small, her eyes are small and her face has a very large mouth that is a mouth full of teeth.

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