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She made her name speaking out against the Jewish state in her now famous 1984 song, Another World. In August of 2016, Barr wrote a blistering critique of Israel in which she alleged that her country provided moral, spiritual and material support to ISIS, and in a recent column in The Hill, she has now turned her attention to other perceived enemies of the Jewish state. Barr accuses pro-BDS activist Linda Sarsour of engaging in dehumanizing anti-Semitism and is calling for her to be removed from the BDS National Committee. Barrs column also attacks Sarsour, calling her another pro-Palestinian and an anti-Semite. She also accuses her of having a history of supporting BDS activists, despite the fact that she has never uttered a single word in support of the international movement. Barr accuses Sarsour of calling for a boycott of Israel, which she argues denies the humanity and dignity of the Jewish people. In the column, she argues that the only way to prevent a dehumanizing and divisive campaign of hatred from turning Israel into a Zionist-only club, is for those opposing Israeli apartheid to not only support Israel on the merits, but understand the real history of Jewish suffering. Barr goes on to make a number of anti-Israel accusations of her own. In 2013, she criticized anti-Semite and Hollywood activist, Halle Berry, claiming, This anti-Semite has gone full-blown Nazi in his support for the BDS movement. In 2010, Barr spoke out against Israel on the anti-Semitic radio show The David Pakman Show, claiming that Israel is a racist state and that this Israeli government should have no authority over the Palestinians. In 2015, she tweeted a photograph with anti-gay activist, Matt Barber and said, Matt Barber and I are going to kiss each other in a big gay kiss sometime soon. The Anti-Defamation League has denounced Barr for her hateful remarks about Israel and the Jewish people. In her column, Barr attempts to connect the BDS movement to the BDS National.

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