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Aug 2017Is it true that celebrities have never DMd you even though they are so into you. 4 Oct2014Has any celebrity ever DMed you on Instagram. 29 Jul2016Is it true that you can DM celebrities on Instagram. 6 Mar-2017Has any celebrity ever DMd you on Instagram. Well it looks like you have your answer, although the chances are that you didnt even get the chance to ask their opinion because they probably were busy with whatever it was that they were doing. You message themIt looks like you cant go against those that are in charge right. So what are some things that you can do to reach out to them. You start texting, but the answer is always the same, no. You DM them, and you DM only those few followers that you deem important enough and then you delete it. However, you dont get discouraged, when you finally give up on the celebrities and start to miss the people you were DMing, you start to text more to the same people. You DM like crazy and your messages are always quick and to the point with you giving them no time to even respond. So you dont mind being a pest and even think its cute. But then one day, you were trying to find something else to do at the time. As soon as you click your reply you see that you are getting a message like you used to get, except it is a lot shorter. Youve been so busy with your own life, that you havent even taken into consideration the fact that you could possibly be doing this on purpose. You DM that same celebrity again and they DM back with the same response. You DM them back and they DM back with the same reply. You DM again and they DM again. You DM more and finally they DM back to you. You DM them like a loyal dog to his master. Eventually they stop DMing you and you eventually stop DMing them, they seem to want to meet up anyway and they all meet in person, but then they decide to leave and thats that. You didnt even get to do the difficult thing of meeting a celebrity, you didnt even get to meet the one that you DMd first, you couldve met any celebrity you wanted instead. You DMed them again and you DM again, but then you finally decide that you dont need to do it anymore. Whats done is done, time to move on to other things like getting out of your house.

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