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They have Hair Breath Soothing and Soothing Cream. OpRAGEOPRAGEThe last of the great empires of earth has been wiped out. After a desperate last stand against a brutal horde, the last of the human species, the survivors are being hunted down. You are no longer of any use to your former world and you wish only to die alone. AboutThe ProjectThe game design is a long process. From brainstorming to sketching to concept, to concept to prototyping, to prototyping to coding and finally testing the game. Kickstarter allows me to reach a much wider audience, with a lot more support. Your pledge will not only help to fund the game, but will also encourage people to get in touch with your creativity by pledging to this project. The evidence points to aliens who, at this point in time, we still do not know very much about. However, the evidence is very compelling, it all comes down to your personal theory. You are given a character sheet, and your goal is to research the details of one of the unknown deaths. Each death has an associated mystery, meaning you have.

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