Anne-Marie fans threaten to block her as she blasts so bad Home Alone

Popstar Anne-Marie has revealed her least favourite Christmas movie – and her fans aren't happy.

The Our Song singer shared the controversial opinion that she found classic festive film Home Alone"So bad."

Writing to her 1.1 million Twitter followers, she said: "Gotta tell you a secret – I've never seen Home Alone. I tried to once but it was SO BAD. Don't hate me."

Receiving over 500 comments, let's just say some Christmas fans were not impressed.

One disheartened fan commented: "i’m actually disappointed in you it’s one of the best Christmas films man, try again."

"Someone needs to have a home alone day and watch the films with this gal," one social media user said.

The Rockabye chart-topper received hundreds of shocked tweets: "how could you do that to me, i thought we were friends?," one long time fan said.

A fan of the singer needed to know more: "Are you sure you watched the right one ? There are a couple of dodgy sequels and remakes but original home alone and my favourite home alone 2: lost in New York are classics !!"

Some fans took it one step further and jokingly suggested that they would block the singer on the social media app.

Several photos were shared on the platform with users just one button away from 'blocking' the singer for her festive glum secret.

A few Grinches started to come forward now that Annie-Marie was their spokesperson.

Fans of the film will be happy to know that you can rent the iconic McCalister house on Air BnB.

Anne-Marie has been spilling a few secrets this year, as back in July, she admitted that she ghosted footballer Jack Grealish.

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