Anime beauty and the beast

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You sit in silence for a moment, listening to the soft and relaxing music. A pair of hands wraps around you, and for one brief moment you are sure that everything is going to be okay. You are certain that you have the strength and will to keep going, and perhaps this is what you need. You smile, and lean against the hand thats supporting you, watching as the sunset begins to fade from the sky. A new day is here, and you will do everything in your power to make it a good one. Why not test the limits of your newly acquired powers. Why not see if you can be the best. You dont need to join any guilds, you dont need to join any groups. There is no hierarchy, and while there is a lot of competition, its always been mutual. You dont need to belong to anyone, because this is YOUR world, and you belong to YOU. Why waste any time caring about other people. Why waste any energy for things that could be best left to the imagination. And why, exactly, do you need a guild. For just one brief moment you consider joining the Thieves Guild. You could use another pair of hands in your underworld operations, and a lot of the work that has to be done would fall to you. So you decide against joining a guild for now. You are still not sure if the Tides of Talent really do possess the power to transform you, and you havent found where you need to go to find out. Still, if you keep at it, eventually it will come out. You continue to look outside, trying to see what new street you can find. You see nothing in particular, but you stay on this street for a while. You see nothing for a while, and then you see something. Something that looks exactly like what you were about to see the other day in the Circus Alley. She looks like the kind of girl youd wanna get frisky with. Is she a criminal, and does she need help breaking out. In any case, you have to ask the obvious question. You keep her company until you can do betterYou keep the girl company.

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