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S friend all in various stages of undress. A man and a woman with their mouths full of an enormous boner on a bed. The man is obviously fucking the woman while the woman is fucking the man. This is the complete antithesis of the wholesome image that every normal, boring person should hold of their family. You might as well be hanging out with a bunch of homos. Ve sworn the host was a nerd or geeks once. No, these people are just different and weird. S name is Dave and he seems like an okay guy. Most people you used to hang out with probably look like this, except with more money and a little more talent. Dave is a pretty well-dressed man of about your age. He appears to be in his mid thirties and has neat black hair and a clean-shaven face. He wears a red dress shirt and black pants with a black belt and has a black fedora on his head. S talking to another man on a cell phone, but he speaks back to.

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