Andrew Glennon: If You Pay Me $10,000 You Can Hang Out with Amber Portwoods Baby!

If you’ve kept up with the horrifying story of the relationship between Amber Portwood and Andrew Glennon, then you likely believe that things couldn’t possibly get worse between them.

And if that is in fact the case, then, well, we’ve got some bad news …

Amber and Andrew haven’t been together since July of 2019, when she was arrested for allegedly assaulting him.

According to Andrew, she grew very agitated after some road work prevented them from going to see fireworks with their infant son, James, on the Fourth of July, and she went into a rage that lasted for hours.

During this time, he claimed that she hit him with a shoe (which she admitted to doing) and also that she chased him around the house with a machete while he was holding James (which she has always denied).

She was convicted of domestic battery and intimidation, both felony counts, and he was given primary custody of their son.

But of course it didn’t end there.

A custody battle began over James, and it’s still going to this day.

Amber wants more than just visitation, and Andrew wants to move back to his home state of California, so there’s not really a lot of middle ground to be found there.

We’ve heard a lot of accusations as this has gone on — he has accused her of everything from smoking meth while she was pregnant to abusing him so badly that he required surgery.

But now things are just getting weird.

Last month, the two appeared in court yet again for more testimony, and the transcripts were just published by The Sun.

And in those transcripts, we learned that Andrew had offered strangers a chance to spend time with James, who is just three years old, if they gave him $10,000.

As Andrew explained, the whole thing began because he’d had the idea to create a “pregnancy trivia card game” that he called Preggie Brain.

“It was inspired by the birth of James,” he said, “and reading all the pregnancy books and I wanted there to be an easy way to get all the same information in a card game.”

He called the game a “passion project,” but since he apparently didn’t have the money to just produce the game himself, he started a GoFundMe.

He did this to “see what the response would be,” but “it was nothing.”

“Somebody donated $25 and I reimbursed them,” he admitted.

Amber’s lawyer asked him if he’d set up different levels of rewards on the GoFundMe based on the amount of money a person donated, and Andrew confirmed that he had.

“And specifically for $10,000,” Amber’s lawyer went on, “you agreed that anyone could be flown out to have dinner with the creators and meet the little angel who started this all, that’s referring to James, is that correct?”

“So if someone was willing to pay $10,000 you were willing to let them have access to James, is that correct?”

Andrew responded with “No, no, no, not entirely. I mean, the way that I thought of it was, since I’m always in the care of James, that if I meet anybody, James is always gonna be with me.”

“But there’s such timeshares with my child or anything like that, in the sense,” he insisted.

It feels like Amber’s attorney really wanted to drive home how creepy this whole thing is, because she repeated the issue once again, asking “But you are specifically allowing access to your child if someone gives you enough money, is that correct?”

He denied this, the lawyer rephrased the same question again, and Andrew denied again, even though as it was pointed out, he had offered a dinner with him and James as a reward for a large donation.

“I was trying to just see if there’s any interest in this game,” Andrew said.

He was then asked “So are you indicating that if had there been interest and money had been provided that you would have not allowed these people access to you and James?” 

To that, he said he didn’t know.

So this isn’t a great look for Andrew, is it?

Regardless of his intentions or how he was thinking of the potential interaction had anyone actually donated that much money, he really should have known that this wasn’t a great idea.

We still don’t think this is enough to make Amber the better choice for primary custody of poor James, but still, it’s kind of scary.

What do you think about this little stunt?

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