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You will be playing in the Bulls Jays game, which makes you the center of the show, and there is a lot of tension in that crowd as there are probably some Bulls fans in that group as well. You have gotten so used to playing the role of the villain that you forget that there are other people in the crowd watching you play basketball. You dont realize it, but it is at that moment they realize that they should be paying attention to you for a different reason. You have the ball and it is starting to get dark, maybe the only reason why you are going to the game is because the only thing you have left to do is go to sleep. You remember that you have something really important to tell the Mayor about all this. You are going to tell him to fire you, but you are going to have to do it from a distance and keep it short so he will not really notice if you do give up. You can feel people looking at you, but you are not paying attention to it. When you have been able to think about it for a while, you have come up with a few possible lines. You can say some of the following, but you have to keep it short so you can make your point that you are being forced into doing so. You have a First Amendment Right to Be Free from the CityYou are a free man now and nobody is going to tell you what to do. You wont stay here if you dont like it. And you need to be very careful if you let anyone tell you otherwise. You might not listen even if you do think it through. You continue:I had to take a chance; I had to put myself in your hands so I could get out. I guess the only thing I can do now is to play ball just like I used to play my little league ball in the street when I was a kid. You stop as you realize what you just said. You realize that you might have lost somebody you once knew and maybe the only good thing about all this is that you can finally be yourself. You dont know if you will be able to tell the Mayor that, but you are going to try as you have already tried hard enough and now there is nothing you can do to change the way you have to live. The Mayor might have been right about you, but maybe he was wrong in sending you out into the wild world anyway. You just hope that you will be able to keep some of your feelings when you finally leave. You are Ready to GoYou are ready to leave the city. The only thing you are going to do is to play ball.

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