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A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit from the owners of a Littleton pizza shop that was hit by an armed robbery at their drive-through window. Creas Pizza on Washington Boulevard had more than two dozen bullet holes in it when police found the masked suspects who broke into the business on Christmas in 2012 and shot at the windows several times before fleeing. Hutt said he did not expect to win, but that it was still worth filing because these guys got a lot of money. According to the lawsuit, the owners of the pizza shop are considering filing a civil rights lawsuit against the three masked men, but Hutt said he has heard about a few other businesses that have been victimized. The owners also want the local police department to better protect their businesses. It is our opinion that these three individuals, the owners of the shop, have been discriminated against on the basis of race and ethnicity and thats not right, Hutt said. MCDONALDS RESTAURANT ATTORNEY: WELL GIVE YOU ANY MONEY YOU WANTPolice said the masked suspects were all black with one wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and another in a yellow winter jacket. Their descriptions matched those of the men who robbed an Arbys on Interstate 25 the day before the Littleton shooting. On Thursday, the Littleton Police Department said the robbery that occurred about 3:30 a. 26, 2012, at the pizzeria, 542 Washington Blvd had been solved. Officers said they tracked a woman described as a cousin the trio who robbed the shop and arrested her a week ago in Texas. She told police she was at the restaurant when it was robbed on the night of Dec. She was named in the lawsuit Friday, along with the other two men who robbed the shop. She refused to provide any statement to police and refused to be picked up. Police filed an arrest warrant for the woman and arrested her in Texas and returned her to the Littleton Police Department to pick her up, police said. The three men who were seen fleeing the shop with guns said they were going to rob the Littleton bank that was robbed the night before and were going to leave the gun with the teller, police said. The robbers were later arrested and the gun was found at their home. Police said the robbers had been in the United States for less than a week. One was in the United States illegally from Mexico and two had valid firearms licenses. During the robbery, the robbers had threatened to kill the two pizza owners if the Littleton police didnt press charges.

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