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Com The two of you go back and forth on what youre going to do in the story and eventually you both agree and write the book in the style of Stephen King. You spend a few months writing the book and then you realize you have a problem and are worried that this is going to be the worst idea youve ever had. You: I should be writing a bookYou: But Im worrying Im about to do the worst idea everYou: And I have no idea how to go about it. You: I mean come on, Im already writing a novel with a serial killer. You need to start writing againYou: I have to start writing. You: You can help me with this you think your perfect writer. You: You need this you think you want to be a professional writer and you have an idea youd like to try. You: Let me tell you what I need to do. You: You need to write ten words of new material to write about. The material can not be a retread of other material youve written before. The material must be about the subject and style as youve known it, but I need you to write it as if you were about to write a novel. Do not worry about the quality of what youre writing or the content of the material, thats up to you. Why not take the idea, try to write it as if you were writing a novel and then send me the manuscript. A short time later you have the idea of a serial killer. So you think you need to turn the new idea into a novel. A couple of days later, you sit down to write it. Youre writing a story full of twists and turns. The story takes place in a fictional New England town of the same name. There is a young woman named Lacey Yeager. She is a high school drop-out and a virgin and in the story, she gets a letter from her brother telling her to visit him in his basement of a New York City gallery. You write for three weeks before you get a response.

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