An Intelligence Quotient, IQ, score is a widely used and respected measure for …

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Youre not a bad man, you say. Im just trying to convince myself Im not a complete idiot when I play the part. Well, thats a really positive attitude, you say. The actor doesnt seem too thrilled about the praise. Well, if you dont like something, why not change into something else. I mean, Im pretty sure this is supposed to be fun. Well, Ill go do that, you say. The actor starts to walk away from the small table as you follow him. The actor doesnt even turn around when he leaves. You sit on the nearby couch in a daze for a moment, before you go through your routine. Its only for a few minutes, but you feel better from it. Afterwards, you find out that the actor you spoke to on the phone is going to be going to the same theater that performed a play based on your own book. The play was good, but youre feeling a little more relaxed now. That was a different kind of acting from what youve been doing lately. After spending the rest of the night at the theater, you continue to think about what you experienced. You still think the actor you spoke with was nice, but the part he played wasnt the most important thing. The most important thing was meeting the author of the book, and having a real good time with him.

Information about Smartest celebrities iq