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There is an old saying that goes, the secret to true beauty is ugliness. Some have gone on to say that the true beauty of the universe is the ugliness it contains. Sounds pretty bleak, but then, darkness is often a good thing. So, if darkness could be used as a weapon, then perhaps that was its true beauty. A way to drive out the light and create ones own. Of course, the first thing one would do is shoot off all those ugly babies to make room for the beauties. Or maybe it would have been even better if they had kept them in a world with more of a color palette. Either way, the beauty of the world was being destroyed in such a way. And it would seem that darkness was the next logical step, as it was already in existence. Darkness was merely the vehicle it was being transferred into, and so it would not have been so if not for the darkness. The darkness was merely the beginning, and it wouldve been better to move forward sooner. Would itve been better to just put a bandaid on the wounds and pretend the world was fine while it would eventually right itself. Did the light really have to die to create the darkness, to make way for the true beauty of the world. You didnt know, but it was up to you to decide. You take the light downIm not going to be the one to make the choice to keep the world as is or go and destroy it, even if it means killing my own brother like I did. There are some people still trying to be decent citizens, but it doesnt seem to be working. Some of them that stay are the kind that would even kill innocent people like humans or children, but as far youre concerned, all of them are still part of the problem. And so you end the killing and kill the other stuff as well. Your thoughts suddenly wander along those old lines of yours. You know, I think darkness is the best way. You turn your head and see a girl with blonde hair wearing a white dress and a white veil that covers everything else of her except one eye.

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