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Best,Anonymous 010516, Tue, 06:00:51 AM No. I remember the first time I saw your fucking award-winning makeup sponge. I thought it was some sort of fucking acid test. Then, I saw that it was just another fucking applicator for that fucking hideous makeup sponge in the middle of the tube. I was literally too busy crying and laughing my fucking ass off about how awful and unnecessary it was to be used on your face. Fuck your damn products and fuck you. Now, I have a fucking new fucking face full of shitty, ugly pimples. Youre just more of the same bullshit that was previously done to me. Now, Ive had a long time to practice my sob story. Im not sure if you even care since you look like a total fucking idiot the whole time. You even have an ugly grin on your face while talking about how bad your skin is now. Its hilarious and Im going to see how long I can make you keep your stupid smile after I tell you how terrible your products are on your face. How the fuck did you get a perfect score. Im pretty fucking sure it was the fact you were wearing a black dress. I remember you said it was too bright and you felt like you needed some sort of black base to really make the stain go away on your skin. It was like your version of makeup is just eye liner. The only thing I didnt know is that it was the original shade of rose. The only thing I can think of is you have some sort of fucking immunity from the pimples thing, and I did something wrong with you. You are an ugly pig fucker with a face full of nasty pimples, I suggest if you are going to take your face, you wont be able to wait. Fuck your stupid products and fuck your self-important bullshit.

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