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You want to become a starYou decide youre going to be a star. The next few years are a blur of hustling jobs and low pay jobs. Eventually, you manage to buy an old radio shack in an old part of town. You spend most of your time running the place, playing rock music for your mostly-working-class listeners and occasionally passing the time by trying to book bigger venues. Eventually, when youre 25, you manage to get on the Sunset Strip, and for the next few years you try to make a name for yourself there. One of the first spots you do is play in a movie theatre. After the show, you walk out with your new found riches, but not before that theatres owner catches you with some of your loot. Sir, I didnt realize they were under federal law. I dont care if they are or arent, youre breaking the law with this shit. Unable to get a venue out of the way, you have to find a different way to make a living, but youre feeling a little optimistic about this. You will work at a club and make more moneyYou decide to work at a club and take the money youll make there. You work at a club for two years before someone else beats you to it. You get hired as a roadie, and after two more years you become manager of your very own rock band. Youre so successful at it, that you manage to convince a major record producer to release your first full-length album. Youre soon signed to a major label and begin touring the country. Things are going well for you until one night, your youngest daughter falls fatally ill. She turns out to have a rare genetic disease that can only be cured with certain rare surgical procedures only available to a handful of wealthy families worldwide. Unfortunately, the surgery that will cure her is only offered for one night. She will be in grave danger if you dont act fast, and you have five minutes to save her life.

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