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We can stop here and call ourselves finished with this review, as there is really no more to say. You will also be satisfied to see that everything you will see in this movie is actually REAL beauty colleges, colleges that actually exist. I am guessing that the students and parents of students really put in the work to make this movie, so this is probably one of the best kept secrets in the indie film industry. You give the movie a positive reviewThats a lot of effort to come up with for such a bad movie. However, this movie did have something interesting going for it, and thats the voice of the college students. They sounded pretty real, and that made me excited to see if I could come up with a believable review. The movie begins by showing you the actual college that you will be attending. The school is called Americana Beauty College and you will be attending as one of its students, which seems pretty impressive, since most people would be more proud of going to a real beauty college like Wicked Ladies College or Glamorous Gents College. In any case, the college is in Colorado Springs, CO, which is a very picturesque city located in the eastern part of the state of Colorado, about three hours from Denver. For college graduates, just behind The Great Outdoors, The Beach, The Bay, The mountains, and The beach. You are a student at the collegeAs you walk in the door into your first semester at the college, everything is pretty laid back. You are greeted by your guidance counselor, or Mrs. Miller, who looks a little annoyed that you didnt get here a few minutes earlier and asks what your schedule is. You reply that you dont really see any conflicts with your classes, so it should be fine. The rest of the week will be pretty relaxed for the class schedule, as classes arent held on Saturdays, and there isnt much class on Sundays. While this is the perfect life for a college student, this is not the life of a real college student. In reality, you are no way a real college student. The first problem you are forced to face is that your college doesnt want to pay your tuition. You assume that this is another sign that says Go To the real college because this college isnt like the ones you have been attending. You refuse to work in the colleges janitorial closet.

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