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Mp3 Category: comedy posted at: 12:00am EDTEp. 203: The Caged Bird, with Kevin Pereira, Kevin Pereira and myself have been friends for many years and continue to be in contact. Kevin Pereira, a very funny man, wrote an article in which he suggested that I write an article about myself. So this is a letter of congratulations to my friend and a letter of apology to my friend. And, for the record, the following are not my views, but his views. We would do well to read this again and I invite you to do so as well. Kevin Pereira is a very funny man and an extremely astute observer of the social and psychological landscape of our times, a realm in which I find myself. I also hope you will excuse the length of this letter, and that our readers will accept its brevity. Kevin Pereira In the summer of 1983 I moved to Southern California to attend the University of California, Santa Barbara. I was about to embark on a new phase of my life and my career as an actor. At the time I was performing in television commercials and small parts in a number of other projects. I also was dating a girl I had known for a number of years. My roommate during this phase of my life was a woman whom I still consider my first girlfriend and to whom I now am and always have been devoted. My roommate was Cindy Gallop and she was also a very funny woman. Cindy Gallop and several other people whom Im also going to reference in this letter were the inspiration for this work. Kevin Pereira Hello Kevin Pereira, Im writing this letter on behalf of myself and the rest of the Boondocks comedy troupe to thank you for the piece you did on my life called The Caged Bird. It helped me realize the tremendous amount of admiration that has been given to us by others. It is only because of the kindness of others who were impressed with the Boondocks that we were able to continue to make our living as we do. The Boondocks is a television program that is being watched by so many. It has its roots in a comic strip that was in a newspaper in Greenville, South Carolina called The Suffern News. The strip was set in the year 1876 and it was very popular there. One of the characters, Jase Hill created a character that later we all would come to know as the Boondocks. It was a very successful television program that was created mainly for the South Carolina black population. You are the only person who has done anything of the sort and it was very good for our community.

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