American Beauty is the fifth studio album by rock band the Grateful Dead…

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You dont like itYoure not a fan of Dont Think Twice by The Grateful Dead,Grateful Dead American Beauty. Youre not a fan of Dont Think Twice by The Grateful Dead,Grateful Dead American Beauty.

The polls were conducted by a German website that promotes free speech. The band was awarded the highest award, the Golden Apple. The Deads album is a popular choice among American music lovers. American Beauty is so widely recognized that it has its own Wikipedia page. The American Beauty StoryIn 1994, the Grateful Dead released their seventh album as a group, American Beauty. It had become a top-ten country album in the U. In the fall of that year and was featured on the cover of several music magazines, as well as the music charts of major radio stations. The album was so successful that the Rolling Stone critic, David Fricke, called it perhaps the greatest and most essential rock album of the 1990s. To promote the album, the Grateful Dead did a string of dates on the Just for Laughs festival in Quebec. The Deads guitarist, Phil Lesh, was a big draw at the event. He met several young women who said they were fans of the Dead and wanted to have lunch with him. Once invited into Leshs tent, these women explained that they wanted to ask him if he would be interested in making a movie about the Dead. The women explained that they were about to start filming a series called The New York Times and they wanted to use the Dead as the subject of their fictional piece. The Dead agreed to do the movie, but only if they got an American Beauty theme song for the soundtrack. Since the Deads music was so popular, the producers of the film asked the Dead to write a theme song. The Dead thought, Okay, well do Wavin Flag from Workingmans Dead for the theme. The Dead also liked the idea of playing their Shakedown Street song for the closing number. That choice led to another one, Touch of Grey from Terrapin Station. The Dead began writing the song, but the song was not completely finished until April of 1995. When the Dead returned to their hotel room that evening, they were surprised to find a note from a person they didnt know. It read, What do you think of the song, Dead. The Dead said yes it would be great to play the song they had played. Its funny because there are a lot of parts of the song that I wrote in 1989 that I thought I wouldnt be able to write in 1995, said Bruce Hornsby. You wrote everything in that hotel room, except for the words of the song, agreed Robert Hunter. We have a little bit of an origin story for that song, said Lesh.

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