American Beauty is a 1999 American drama film written by Alan Ball and directed …

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I am the girl who waits for me,and when I am gone,that she shall carry on for me forever. She lives in a big city, Los Angeles, and is in full swing of puberty. She likes to see boys around her age, but is still shy when it comes to talking to them. She has a boyfriend, although they havent been together that long. You decide to ask her a series of questions, to see if you can find out more about her. You decide she will be your first person to contact, so you type in the following questions:1. You are watching a TV programme in a hotel room in a faraway city, when suddenly you hear a noise in the corridor. You open the door to see a short man in a suit standing in it. You go in, and he closes the door, locking it with a panel in the floor. James, he says, and unlocks a safe which he opens.

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