Amber Heard Sells Yucca Valley Home for Over a Million, Major Profit

Amber Heard is leaving the desert — at least the Southern California part of it, anyway — as she just offloaded her secluded home for quite a bundle … TMZ has learned.

The Yucca Valley home that was long rumored to belong to AH since the trial earlier this year was recently sold for $1,050,000, with a closing date of July 18 … this according to Zillow property records. The crib had been purchased in 2019 through an anonymous trust that reportedly has ties to Amber … getting quietly snapped at the time for just over $570k.

Well, the speculation is over … TMZ got a hold of the new owner of this pad, and he tells us yes — he’d, in fact, been dealing with Amber’s people on this deal, but never Amber herself.

With the parcel having changed hands, Amber walks away here with almost double what she paid for it 3 years ago … a rough profit of about $480k, which is nothing to sneeze at. She’d bought it pre-pandemic, and since then — property values have mostly gone up.

Of course, things are supposedly tight for her … especially with this $8.3M judgment to benefit Johnny looming, even though she’s trying to appeal it, officially. Her attorneys said she can’t afford to pay it … but, frankly, her financial sitch is ill-defined these days.

In her day-to-day, Amber’s been bouncing around since the conclusion of the trial in June, although we’ve seen her a bit in New York … either in the city, or the Hamptons. Now, there seems to be a U-Haul in her immediate future … ’cause she’s on the move yet again.

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