Amanda Holden says shes basically a nudist and hates being clothed

BGT: Amanda Holden addresses rumours

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Britain’s Got Talent judge Amanda Holden, 51, has revealed she “hates wearing clothes” and even quipped about being “a nudist” after seeing lots of naked men during a trip abroad. The star made these cheeky claims during a chat with her new BBC co-star Alan Carr, 46.

Amanda shared a clip from her brand new BBC One show with her comedian pal to her Instagram.

During the video, the Heart Radio presenter confessed to being “basically a nudist” after she had seen lots of naked men in Corfu.

“I hate wearing clothes,” she told Alan as the pair explored an ancient, Sicilian town.

“You are basically a nudist!” Alan replied, as Amanda went on to agree with the statement.

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“I am actually,” she quipped. “I saw so many willies in Corfu.”

The funnyman seemed delighted by this, musing: “Ohhh, I might go there.”

The clip is taken from new show Amanda and Alan’s Italian Job, which sees the pair take on a new property and fix it from the ground up.

Both celebs have a flare for interior design, but there are also less glamorous challenges to contend with – like plumbing and plastering.

Their new adventure comes after Amanda managed to find two flats in the mediaeval town of Salemi, Sicily for only €2 with the plan of knocking through the wall and combining them to make one, fabulous property.

Once they have completed the renovation, the aim is that the property can go on sale, with proceeds going to UK charities.

Speaking to and other media, Alan previously described how his co-star tried to “set him up” while they soaked up the Sicily sunshine.

Discussing how he had filmed the series shortly after his break up, Alan revealed how Amanda had tried to help him get over the heartbreak of his divorce.

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“It was great, and we spent the whole time laughing that Amanda would keep trying to get me a nice Italian boyfriend!” the comedian said.

He went on: “It didn’t really matter what age or whether they had any teeth, no one was off limits!

“It was wonderful. I couldn’t put Grindr on because there’s no signal up there.”

Turning to Amanda, he continued: “She’s a matchmaker, she tried to match me up, but I wasn’t ready yet. There was only one love in that case and it was Amanda.”

Alan went on to suggest that it wasn’t the right time to be looking for a new romance as he detailed how he could understand the appeal while in Italy.

“I mean, who doesn’t like a holiday romance?” he asked. “It’s so beautiful and romantic up there.

“I mean you know – if our eyes locked over a massive bowl of pasta like Lady and the Tramp… who’s to say?

Amanda and Alan’s Italian Job continues next Friday at 8.30PM on BBC One.

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