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Html endoftext The official website for the upcoming television anime Motto To LOVE-Ru Darkness, the sequel series to Motto To LOVE-ru: Darkness of the Boundaries, began streaming the animes first promotional video on Friday. The video features the two new cast members, Tomoaki Maeno, Gatchaman Crowds and Jun Kikuchi, Love Live. School idol project filmMotto, meaning the way to do it, is a word that describes a method or method of doing something. The phrase is often used in the phrase to be precise, meaning to be very careful about your words. The word also means the way to do something, in this case, Darkness main theme, to love, and its secondary theme, darkness, as seen by Rito Fujimori. Rito, literally, black or dark, is also used to refer to light when describing a person. The animes official website noted that the title of the series changes from Motto to Love-Ru in its title sequence for the upcoming television anime. The series will premiere on January 8 on TV Tokyo, and will also air on Sun TV and BS11 next spring. The anime will have its first double A-1 opening on February 18. Via Hachima KikWhat do you do when youre in a jam. You take your car and throw it in a ditch and make a music video about it. Thats what artist, filmmaker, and musician Jeff Koons does for his new video, I Will Destroy Your Music, which debuted in the official TEDxTEDxYouth page for Austin on Sunday. The video which premiered for a very limited time at the International Film Festival of Singapore features Koons doing everything from driving a car backwards to singing a cappella in his home and then turning on the radio. Its the kind of thing youd see in a dream, and we would totally dream this. For many years Ive wondered: How do artists get their music heard in the real world. Koons wrote in a statement, In 2006, I turned my lifes ambition into a creative and artistic pursuit, and I have now created this film to show others a glimpse into the mind of an artist who wants to create something unique in order to communicate to others. In our world, music is a major medium of communication, and every generation craves for something that reflects the past or present.

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