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M just not used to having my arms and legs this long, my chest this big, my whole body this toned. Ve been an athlete my whole life. You get up off the couch and stand in front of the television. Re about as average-sized as most people on this damn street, but somehow when it comes to your body being in the spotlight, you get a lot of attention. T think this is because people actually like looking at you, but rather because they hate you. T exactly have anything in common with any of these people. You begin to wonder what this town is really like. T disagree, the more stuff you do the more you have to deal with. You need to get away from this town before things get any worse than they already are. S house where you can get a little bit of a break from this town. You figure you can still see if Karen is here first. T have any problems in getting in, no one even seems to pay too much attention to you. Re about to get out of the car, but you stop and look around. This place looks like just another run-down trailer park. S also an old military base just over the road.

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