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Off your second box with our coupon. Re going to want to make sure you have enough money to handle all the costs if you win, but given what you know of most of the prizes you could easily make ends meet on your own. Ve already proven you can do that on a smaller scale in the last few months. To get some money to fund your trip to San Francisco. T seem to want anything to do with you at all. A few days pass and you get the idea that you might have missed something important. Which is apparently a massive underground city somewhere in the U. It sounds like it would be perfect for the amount of money you plan to win. T get many people who want to get into Eden, but she can certainly tell you where you could find out more about it. You thank her for her time and head off to a better bank, the one in your area. You walk to it as fast as you can and hand over your info which seems quite ordinary, but to you it feels like the world has ended. Re handed over a large card which you enter your details into. You then are given a small envelope which you open up. Re reading an entire novel right before your eyes. It seems the real protagonist is writing a story to a very grand scale. Re not the only person to write a novel over the years. Re in a daze as you continue the story and soon realize.

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