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The most interesting stuff is the Coupon for the FULL SPOILERS which contains the whole story. You open the envelope and are surprised by the page you open. Your entire team, now comprised of 4 people, is present now. The team is currently at the old mansion of a family called the Smiths. They found a child that looks like you, that was under their care at the end of their life. There are pictures of a happy family with a happy life together. If you are successful and are in their happy family you will get a lot of money and other things. You are hesitant because the whole thing is strange, but your heart is at ease. All you have to do is go to the Smiths house and they will explain it all. Since its been a week since you arrived at the mansion, and you havent felt any of the horrible sickness, yet, you start to wonder if this plan is really worth it. You and your team walk around the mansion with some of the people that were there on the team the first time. Some of them tell funny story about the old family to you, some of them want you to get on the bed and do some stuff to it, some of them want to try to kiss it. The people start to lose their composure when they see you. The room they are in isnt the room where you lived your previous life, its a newer one that is more like a house, and the room is bigger than the old master bedroom. There is furniture in it, and more than a couple of beds. In there everyone is a family member together with you. A man in a suit, or whatever it is that suits them, stands in the doorway and asks everyone to stay at the door. A man in the room with you says, not noticing the man in the suit. We need to make sure to not get any children in here. There is a doctor in this room, as well as a father and his son who was taken with us on the mission. If you are in the way of my work, we can not do anything to prevent them from bringing kids into the Mansion. To escort you somewhere and then go back. It will be difficult to escort you since Im only going in the room.

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