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But thiss not how to get out of a job after a long time. No ones gettinga raise, you and you, need keep your, your, valueAnd now that weve reached the year of the Microwave, we present to you a video in which that most mysterious of things, a microwave, goes completely awry. Were not entirely sure if its the craziness of 2014, the fact that were putting a lot of stress on jobs and budgets, or maybe its simply the fact that weve never really put this type of thing together before, but either way, this video is a thing of beauty and should give you a little insight into why were so excited for 2014. Weve got a lot of exciting news for you all today, but first we need to let you know about some of the changes weve made. If youve been playing our game you know that we offer a huge variety of ships, but have very limited selection when it comes to gun options. If that wasnt bad enough, weve spent the greater part of two years creating some of the most technologically advanced ships in the history of war, but you guys have never been able to fly any of them. With the Star Citizen universe evolving at an astronomical rate, we feel that it is essential to give you all the chance to fly some of these amazing ships. Now while weve managed to develop the ship-to-ship boarding combat, the boarding action is something that can only happen in the game and a lot of work has gone into making certain aspects of this action flow as smoothly as possible, so you wont just see a static person stand in the middle of your ship and give the order to board. We want to give you guys a bit of a hand in this process as well. To do this, weve got a dedicated team of specialists, each with their own set of skills, who will work hand in hand with the various team members and the level designers that will be working on the game. This team consists of some of the best team members from various studios, with backgrounds in various areas of game development such as ship combat, FPS, RPG, MMO, and more. Their goal is to give you the option to board your opponents ships, and to help you do this, well need to create custom ship models and animations. This team will also be developing a toolset that will allow the user to design their own custom animations and ship.

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