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Re starting to get an idea of how the world was in your time. This was the Internet back in your time, and the world was in a much worse state. Re probably looking at this in 3 or 4 years. Re definitely not going to be reading this on a damn laptop. Re going to get to touch a piece of technology that even approaches your current level of sophistication. S hard to believe that just one year ago you were playing a video game and talking to a stranger on the other side of the world. T, there are hundreds of hours of content to play. You begin browsing the Internet, but you find it all rather discouraging. The main thing that jumps out at you is there are no video games, or even websites devoted to computers or technology. M really not surprised to find Internet. You start typing on your computer and you suddenly get a pop up window asking you to allow pop up windows. Allow pop up window to open this window. But this is required for proper operation of my software. M going to ask again, allow my pop up window to open this window.

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