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Some of the famous people listed here are famous just because theyre famous. Still, I think youll find that I think this list is much more interesting than those annoying listicles you find on the internet. These people go on adventures, they get lost and they dance. Some of them get married, many of them end up dead. This is just one of the many lists of people born in the 50s on the internet. Re not very good at guessing things online. S get to the point of this post, which is what those lists of people from the 50s have to do with the topic at hand. I had this idea a few months back and in the course of writing the story for the last few chapters, which will be out tomorrow I started having thoughts of writing a short story, which then led to thinking of doing a novelization. T a big list, just a couple of random names thrown together, but it had the concept of someone from that time period being on a list of famous people. And that led to the idea to go back and re-read every book I had ever read from that time period which led to me re-reading each one. M going to be working as fast as I can because I think people will be interested in seeing how far I can take this. You re-read the whole 50sOh my goodness, I need to find that book. Well I guess a bit of extra work for me would be great, I could do it. How do you want to be part of this project as far as working on it.

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