Alexis Skyy Accused of Stealing Womans $1150 After Recovery House Closed Down

In a video circulating online, a woman claims that she spent $1150 to stay at the social media influencer’s recovery house which apparently was shut down five months ago.

AceShowbizAlexis Skyy faced complaints regarding her business. Someone called out the internet influencer for allegedly keeping her $1150 after her recovery house, where people could stay and be treated during their post-op weeks following cosmetic surgeries, in Houston was shut down.

In a video circulating online, a woman claimed that she spent $1150 to stay at Alexis’ recovery house. However, before she even got to enjoy the treatment that was offered, she found out that the website was no longer active. Additionally, the business’ Instagram page was gone. Further making it worse, she was blocked by Alexis so she could not contact anyone.

Alexis caught wind of the clip and clapped back in an Instagram post. She explained, “My recovery house been closed down 5 months now because someone was hating on me and had the state called on me or my community management to have my house closed in 7 days.”

She went on to say, “Prior to that I stopped accepting bookings my site had a policy that booking your stay was non refundable! However, if your surgery was rescheduled.. you had a 90 day credit after that is no longer refundable, her booking was in July it’s January this is the third time she rescheduled .. I have waivers and policies just like any other business.”

However, one user apparently thought that her explanation only put her in a worse situation. “How your recovery house been closed down for 5 months but you still were accepting non refundable online bookings?” the person questioned. “5 months agowas August. If her trip was in July how did you allow her to reschedule 3 additional times? that means you had to let her reschedule while your recovery has was technically close?”

“then… if you got shut down in 7 days and it’s been 5 months… you couldn’t of had your legal affairs in order. You should have gave that women her money back at least,” concluded the person.

Some others agreed with the user. “Take her to court. Her own statement is incriminating,” someone commented. “Give that girl her money back. It’s just a couple grand and it’s your bad,” another fan urged.

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