Alec & Hilaria Baldwin are starting a parenting podcast called ‘What’s One More’

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We haven’t talked about Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Baldwin since March, which is when Hilaria announced that they had welcomed a sixth child into their home. Bebecita Lucia joined the family under a cloud of misterio, with no one knowing if Hilaria had a gestational carrier or a surrogate or through adoption. We do know that whatever arrangements were made, they were made soon after Hilaria learned (last year) that she was pregnant with another boy. Hilaria was obsessed with the idea of having another girl, so much so that she kept having babies in an attempt to give Carmen a “little sister.” There are layers and layers of loca behavior with Hilaria and I think people just wanted to put this whole mess to the side for several months and hope that Hilaria and Alec would rethink their current energy. But no, they are not doing that. “No mas? MAS mas!” Hilaria and Alec are starting a parenting podcast together. Dios mio.

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin are expecting. No, not another child; this time, the “Match Game” host and the mother of six of his seven children are announcing the arrival of their new podcast. The couple hilariously teased their new venture on Instagram, with Hilaria clamping her hand over her husband’s mouth.

“Something exciting soon…no, that that,” she writes in the caption.

“Alec and Hilaria Baldwin are the definition of opposites attract, and together they have one unique family,” notes the announcement for “What’s One More?”.

“On their new podcast, they’re having real conversations about issues that matter. All to help inspire positive dialogue in the world,” the announcement continues. “Together with friends, specialists, authors and doctors, they’ll discuss relationships, marriage, parenting and more to help us listen and learn about each other. Because ‘What’s One More’ of the thing you love most in this world, be it family, friends, meals, or anything that you cherish, when you’re trying to motivate the world to accept one another.”

According to Fox News, the new podcast’s Instagram account (which appears to no longer be live) said the couple will be chatting with “industry-leading guests” in their joint podcast.

“They’ll have conversations with celeb friends, specialists, authors and various guests about relationships, parenting, charity, and how we can inspire others to be better and do more,” the deleted post added, advising the podcast will debut on Tuesday, June 8.

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I’ve thought many times over the past year that Alec seems pretty over it. He really is saying “no mas” to Hilaria and I still kind of believe that she went off and organized Bebecita Lucia all on her own and Alec was like “you did WHAT.” Alec and Hilaria weren’t even living together for part of the pandemic, and I have no idea if they’re living together now. So… um, is Hilaria doing this to spend time with Alec? And seriously, why a podcast from these two about PARENTING?? Their five nannies do all the work.

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