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Her photos of the albino people are a shining example of why we should all have the courage to be visible and to stand up for what is right. We are better than the racist and prejudicial media that has demonized people with albinism. Your donation to this cause will help us spread this vital message and put an end to the ugly stereotypes. Yulias and her team of photographers, and their families, deserve every penny they have received for their pictures. The first thing you notice is that there arent that many people here. Youre in a long, rectangular room filled with tables with tables in front of them and a lot of people standing around chatting. People talk in different tones and with different intonations. There are so many different dialects you hardly understand most of what anyone is saying. You know you can communicate with one another simply by nodding in harmony and speaking words in the same manner. In fact, you almost feel very comfortable around the people here. Most of them appear to be in their twenties and a fair handful of them look to be in their fifties. Some wear suits and others wear business attire. Some look you up and down in an attempt to determine your level of dress and grooming. Others ask about your interests in sports, music, and movies. Others are simply curious about you as people and want to learn more about you. Oh I know that restaurant over there, you joke. I think I saw a couple of people of other races there yesterday. I dont really socialize, unless you would consider the time we spent the night before last in that room here.

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