Alan MenkenThe Beast is the male protagonist of Disneys 1991 animated feature …

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In a way Alan Menken is the opposite of the Beast, hes a bit of a slacker, hes always been so and he was a bit of a loser in his youth so he turned to drink and drugs and eventually became a hippy with his girlfriend, who is the Beast, and got stoned a lot. When the Beasts girlfriend dies and his body is ravaged by the local animals, the Beast becomes a vampire. As a vampire he has some supernatural powers and he does what he has to do for survival. For a vampire theres a certain satisfaction with being an elite predator of other animals, but hes not entirely happy as he does miss the excitement of being able to hunt without being disturbed. He does enjoy the company of people and in his younger years he had a relationship with a girl called Annie who was slightly crazy, but she was a fun person to be around. Alan is a slightly more interesting addition to the film and he actually looks a lot more like the Beast than Menken does with his hippy, stoner appearance. Alan is an interesting character to be sure, and hes a fun film to watch, the soundtrack is very catchy, but ultimately Beauty and the Beast suffers from a fairly unoriginal story and characters. You have a Beer and enjoy the rideThe Beast is so fun to use, that you decide to let Alan enjoy the ride for a while, so you decide to have a beer and watch the film. Can you imagine what a thrill it must have been to be him. I bet hes been watching all the movies and drawing pictures of himself. But Im not sure if I should watch them because they make me feel stupid sometimes. Youve just told a lie, but its still the first lie youve ever told in your life. You must have a bit of a habit of lying to your own face. Your face contorts into a look of disgust at the fact that you just said a lie. Its a rare occurrence, but it doesnt hurt you as much as you think, since you cant help but enjoy the fact that you know a little too much. Its just as well since the point of being a lie teller is to enjoy the fact that you know too much. Arent you glad youre with us tonight. Were all just having a good time. Its nice when you come along and chat, but Im not sure what.

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