Al Roker and wife Deborah Roberts disbelief over son Nick

Al Roker and Deborah Roberts‘ son, Nick, is growing up so fast and his parents can’t help but marvel at his transformation.

The Today show weatherman and ABC journalist are proud parents and regularly rave about their offspring on social media. 

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Nick, in fact, has now left his parents as empty nesters as they took some time off work to drop him off at college,

Earlier this year it was Nick who was the focus of Deborah’s Instagram post when she shared then-and-now photos with the 19-year-old to ask where the time has gone. 

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In the first image, Deborah was cuddling a young Nick and was head and shoulders above him. In the second, it was the other way around… and then some. 

She wrote: “How does this happen? One day I’m looking down at him…and next I’m looking up. What a journey. #tbt #sonshine.”

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Fans commented at the time: “It goes so darn fast,” and urged her to treasure every day. Others added: “Such a beautiful blessing watching him grow into a handsome young man,” and many more lavished the sweet family with praise. 

Deborah shared the sweet photo from a few years ago 

Al was one of the first to like the post, showing his appreciation for his wife and son. They were ecstatic when they revealed last year that he had received acceptance offers from two colleges.

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The news was made even more special since Nick, who is the youngest of Al’s three children, is “somewhere on the (autism) spectrum and maybe obsessive-compulsive,” the TV star previously told Guideposts magazine.

He’s all grown-up!

At the time Al added: “But those labels can be frustrating; they don’t begin to describe who Nick really is.”

Al doesn’t deny it can sometimes be hard but that he is continuously admiring his youngest, right till the day they dropped him off the previous week for his own life to begin.

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The teen is now officially a college boy

“Do I get frustrated with my son sometimes? You bet,” Al added. “But then I remember my dad, how understanding he was. And Deborah reminds me that I have to show my son not only that I love him but that I like him as well. More than that, I admire him.”

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