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The store is closed, but the door opens automatically a moment later. An old woman with white hair and glasses opens the door. You explain a bit more about yourself as to what you have in store for her. She seems very interested in it and asks what kind of products youve got. We have high end, luxury, luxury skin products from France, and some that are for dry skin and all that kind of stuff. You tell her about Paris and its productsActually, Id like to tell you about Paris and its products. So tell me more about Paris, and I can tell you about Paris You say. E starts to stare at you, and then looks at her surroundings. Well, Im not a true Parisian, but I grew up in the city from my mother, whos from there. I can tell you a bit about its products, but of course that sounds rather boring since its boring, but well do it anyway in a bit You reply. Sure, Ill listen She says, not looking at you. You give a description of the city, and how you lived there as a child. You grew up in Paris, do you have any family there. Not that I know of, but my grandmother lives in France, so she would have been a distant relative. You look up to see her staring at you. Were friends, so well just be friends, alright. Im very sorry, I shouldnt have been staring at you like that. E notices your eyes werent fully closed, though you were still smiling. Well Im sure my mother and father would have told me about all this, I mean we grew up together. Besides, Im sure Id know at least.

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