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Youre also lucky to live in a diverse and very multicultural area. Youre also lucky to find so-called white trash to admire and even marry. Youre also lucky that you didnt come of age in the 50s or 60s in an even more racist and sexist era and have to face the same bullshit that I came of age in. Youre also lucky to live in an era of increasing social, political, and economic inequality in which the rich get richer while the working class gets poorer. Youre also lucky that your own ancestors didnt have to face the same racial bigotry that I have to deal with today. So when I say I have mixed feelings about how things are going now, Im really not just talking about white privilege. Im talking about how the people I grew up with in the same generation I grew up in are now on the wrong side of history. My family was never politically correct, never politically correct is now something I have to explain to people. Nowadays, when a white person in my family comes from the upper-middle-class background I came from, they look at me as if they think Im a racist. The same thing happens with most people in my family, not just me. If you dont think that there are problems like this in the world that require action, just re-watch the recent Donald Sterling scandal on ESPN. How could you watch a sports event, which is supposedly about sports, and not think that something was very wrong. The man used the racial slur Uncle Tom to describe a black person, a term usually reserved for members of other races. Although it wasnt used like that by the people I grew up with, who were usually only saying things like nigga or gook in those days It was only after I was old enough that I came to realize that my family was on the wrong side of history. You just had to pay for your ignorance, and I guess thats my main problem with the recent events in America. Its not the ones who are voting for Trump, its those who are watching it, or even those who are participating in it. Just because a person is voting for Trump, doesnt mean that hes a good person or that this election will somehow make it better for everyone. I have no doubt in my mind that it will make things worse. Im guessing I also may have caused some of my immediate family to get killed because I live somewhere that is very dangerous. Im also guessing that Ive probably been targeted by the police more than I have because of my skin color and Im guessing that the few times that Ive gone to the cops for help in the past, that Ive been told to mind your own goddamn business and go back to your.

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