Aeko Brown, 7 Mos., Snuggles Up To Mom Ammika Harris In Bed — Sweet Video

There’s nothing cuter than a baby snuggling up to their mother. In a tender moment, Ammika Harris and her baby boy, Aeko Brown, cuddle in bed together, and he even leans in to give her a ‘kiss!’

For those having a bad day, here’s something to bring a smile to your face. Seven months after giving birth to her and Chris Brown’s son, Ammika Harris, 27, shared a clip of her snuggling their boy, Aeko Harris, to her Instagram Story. With  Jhené Aiko’s “New Balance” playing in the background, Ammika (with a filter that put glittery cherries on her cheek) mouthed along to the lyrics. Aeko gazed up at the camera while sucking on a pacifier, looking like the happiest baby ever. He even turned to his mother and pressed his face against hers, like he was giving her a kiss.

These clips were posted about a few hours after Chris, 31, shared a picture of Aeko sleeping in his car seat. The little man was completely out, and he was sleeping in such a way that Chris thought his boy was playing the guitar. Breezy even drew in a six-string, driving the point home. Seven months old, and Aeko is already practicing to be a rockstar. Amazing.

Both Ammika and Chris can’t help but rave over the cute baby they made together. In a June 23 IG post, Ammika posed next to her shirtless baby. Aeko’s deep cheek dimples are seen, and he is showing off how he has Chris Brown’s eyes. “He is the coolest,” Ammika said of her baby boy, and fans agreed in the comment section. Most were taken by how cute his curly hair looked.

All this love came after Chris Brown celebrated his first Father’s Day as a proud papa of two. “Ammika made a point to FaceTime Chris with Aeko to wish him a happy Father’s Day,” an insider told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. Currently, Aeko and Ammika are living in Germany. Coronavirus-related travel restrictions wouldn’t let her back into the country, but that didn’t stop Chris from having the best Father’s Day ever. When they can FaceTime, they do it often because Chris is genuinely interested in all of what Aeko does,” a second source told HollywoodLife. “He wants to see Aeko as soon as possible, and he is trying to figure out how that can happen every single day.”

Chris’s firstborn, six-year-old-daughter Royalty, wished Chris a happy Father’s Day via her official Instagram account. In the post, a regal-looking Royalty held up an illustrated portrait of her with her dad. “You are the lyrics to my song” was written underneath. Chris was clearly touched by this gift. “LOVE YOU, BABY,” he said in the comments. “THANK YOU FOR CHANGING MY LIFE.”

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